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Miss Cat - 2014

Belém - Pará - Brasil



also OMG latest horimiya update! i feel like it wasn’t their first time, but dang that was a nice addition to the already great story. they’re just such a great couple, always bringing the best out in each other. so balanced, when one’s insecurities/flaws show, the other is ready to combat them. but ahhh yeah lmfao so happy w them doing the deed lmfao

(up to debate whether or not they went all the way. that’s typically something that’s made into a huge event with lots of fuss and ribbons -so to speak- in mangas, so maybe not. but still, dayum. gettin frisky while little souta is in the house)

oh yeah so i made a myanimelist account a while ago, add me~

yeah i’m still not back on tumblr, but i gotta say i’m watching no game no life and yo i’m really loving it.

if any of y’all have nice sora desktop wallpapers, hit a sister up. i’ve found tons for shiro/jibril/izuna/zell/steph (of course). or any fanart i’d be allowed to use to make one of my own once i get ps on my new laptop.

anyway who knows when i’ll be back, if ever. til then, peace and love.

just read a very sad tag on one of my old hnr posts and i just—

ugh i hope it turns out differently soon coz chun chun x shishio otp T___T

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